Simple ways to improve reflux

So your baby has reflux, but what can you do to help? There are a number of really simples positional changes that can help your baby with the symptoms of reflux:

  1. elevate the head end of the cot
  2. avoid placing baby flat even for changing
  3. hold baby upright after each feed for approximately 20 minutes
  4. don’t bounce baby, as this is like ‘shaking a milk jug’, instead soothe by stroking, or swaying
  5. try a dummy, which helps by drawing the milk down the oesophagus, because of the stimulation of sucking (non-nutritive sucking)
  6. if you are breastfeeding and have very fast let down, try a nipple shield or feed against gravity by lying on your back, to slow the flow down

I found that a wedge, placed under the cot mattress was really helpful to elevate the head of my baby. We used it in his cot, and also under the changing mat. There are a number of wedges available, but we liked these from babymoov. Firstly just a simple wedge and secondly, one which is reversible depending on the degree of incline, and has a strap to secure baby. While the Lullaby Trust safe sleeping advice advocates a flat cot, the use of wedges is a personal choice, and for us were invaluable.

We found the Babymoov Cosymat / Crib wedge and the Babymoov Ergonest really helpful.

Disclosure: I bought all the products named on this site, but I get commissions for purchases made through links via an affiliates program, to help fund the maintenance of this website.

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